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Hi! I’m happy to read for you. Scroll down and choose which type of reading you want and click on the day and time you’d like. I look forward to meeting you!

Here are some things I think will help you have the best medium reading possible:

  1. Be in a comfortable area in your home where you will have privacy, and bring something to write with.
  2. Be on a computer or tablet (not a phone).
  3. “Can you guarantee that you can bring in the person that I wish to communicate with?”
    No. A medium can’t guarantee to communicate with the person you want to hear from, just like I can’t call the living person of your choice and guarantee that they will pick up the phone. If you don’t hear from the person you are desiring to hear from it could be for a variety of reasons:
    • Because of their own personal growth, they aren’t ready to come yet
    • It’s better for your highest good that someone else comes through this time
    • The Spirit doesn’t match well with this medium.
  4. “Can you guarantee that you can bring in at least one person that I recognize?”
    No, a medium can’t guarantee that someone will come through each session. Mediums aren’t God or robots or computers. Sometimes a medium is having an off-day. Sometimes conditions aren’t right – spiritual-technical frequencies happen to be off that day (like Mercury in retrograde, etc.) And not every medium is built to work with every client. If no one is coming after 10 minutes of trying, I will refund the client’s money and call it a day, or we can reschedule and try again another day, client’s choice.
  5. “If a client is grieving for someone, how often should they visit them through a medium?”
    Once a year, or every six months (twice a year) is fine. More than that is a problem for the following reasons:
    • People who hop from medium to medium weekly or monthly may not really believe that their loved one who has passed is real. This just makes them crazy, keeps them in their heads comparing mentally and it’s not healthy. Also the loved one in Spirit uses up a lot of energy lowering their vibration to communicate through mediums and it’s painful and disappointing to them when they’re trying to bring comfort to their living loved one, but instead they see the person continually in pain and not trusting or acknowledging that they are really there.
    • People who see the same mediums weekly or monthly are becoming dependent on someone else in order to communicate with their loved one. A good medium can give people tools and ways to communicate with their loved ones personally, even if they’re not mediums.
  6. “Can psychics or mediums tell you if there is a curse on you?”
    No, con artists pretending to be psychics or mediums say things like that to get people to pay them lots of money to remove the fake curse.
  7. “Do TV mediums get 100% of the information right?”
    No, TV shows are edited, so they only show the exciting parts that will raise viewership and TV show ratings.
  8. “Can I record the session?”
    Yes, of course!