Learn to be a Medium

“I had the amazing opportunity to take an the online class about mediumship. It has helped me remarkably. I had little knowledge and experience with mediumship before the class. At first, I wasn’t sure that an online class would answer all my questions, but the teacher helped me very much. I received key information about what it means to be a medium, the difference between psychic and medium information, how to communicate with the Spirit World, energy work, ethics and so much more. The class was theoretical and practical. I enjoyed the adaptability of the teacher, her patience and her very effective teaching skills. I have gained more confidence with this amazing class and also found my authentic and unique way on the mediumship journey with the help of her. I highly recommend the class. Thank you!”
Cristina M., Romania

“I have taken Bee’s mentorship training and found it very helpful. She has a lot of knowledge of mediumship and is an experienced teacher. I learned a lot of great techniques from her, such as setting your intention and keeping a longer connection. These have been very useful in my own development. Bee is very warm and welcoming and a pleasure to deal with. She also makes you confident of your own abilities and is always encouraging.”
Andrea Klyne, Calgary, AB Canada

“I had a wonderful mediumship lesson with Bee…I was very facinated about mediumship since last 2 years..but I was not sure about I can do it or not…but Bee makes me do it ..it was very smooth with Bee..like this is no rocket science ..she is a great mentor and very positive about teaching …I am glad I met her and got my first lesson from her..looking forward to join her course..I highly recommend her for teaching mediumship.”
Ankita Jain, Finland

“Bee took me through a mediumship coaching session, and her tips were really helpful for me. She also guided me through raising my vibration and practicing mediumship, which was a really great exercise for me. This session gave me the confidence and tools I need to keep practicing and building my mediumship skills. Bee clearly knows what she’s doing when it comes to mediumship, and she’s a lovely being to connect with too! Thanks so much, Bee!”
Kinsey Kahlo, USA

“I had a 45 minute mediumship coaching session with Bee and it was simply a fabulous, life changing experience. She’s a great mentor. I was carefully guided through the various steps. She cleared all my doubts and made me feel extremely confident in my abilities. Moreover, she also guided me through my very first mediumship experience! In just under an hour I was able to connect with two spirits and I was also able to deliver some very relevant messages. I was shocked by my own accuracy! I never thought I would be able to do anything like this before. I would definitely her to anyone who is looking to make a career as a medium. Or even if you just want to experience it a bit for yourself! Thanks again Bee, and all the best for everything!”
Kavya, India

“I had a session with Bee where she had patience and she is very kind. She explained me step by step every exercice to practice my intuitive skills and step more deep in them. Also I am very grateful to her that I had an amazing opportunity to see clear what’s beyond this reality, to meet spirits and listen their stories. Bee Woo is amazing and I really appreciate her time and kindness for facilitating me to a new dimension. Thank you, Bee Woo!”
Cristina Munteanu, Europe

6-Week Beginning Medium Class (2-4 students)

Cost: $240 ******This 6-week course helps you develop the following skills:

  • Connect and receive communication from Spirit (people’s passed loved ones))
  • Differentiating energies/spirits
  • Enhancing different senses (clairs)
  • Recognizing feelings of recognition, memory and point of view
  • Maintaining the link for longer periods of time
  • Attuning (connecting with Spirit) methods
  • Staying connected to Spirit while dealing with a sitter
  • Setting Intentions for which and how many spirits you want to communicate with in a reading
  • Dealing with multiple spirits at a time

Thursday Class
Please inquire about dates and times: newyorkcitymedium@gmail.com

Single 45-Minute Launch Sessions

Cost: $65 ******These are single private coaching sessions to help you connect and receive communication with Spirit. No prior experience necesssary. Click on this link to schedule: