Psychic Readings

“My reading with Bee was a warm, welcoming, and eye-opening experience! She took the time to explain each step of the process to me, which I really appreciated, and I felt that she really connected with me, which allowed her to provide the most accurate reading possible. She really hit the nail on the head! The messages she shared will definitely stay with me as I reflect and also look to see how they show up in my life moving forward. An absolutely wonderful reading experience!”
Bridget Dee, New York, USA

“How can a tarot reader use the cards as a medium to HEAL someone?  Fortunately today…the UNIVERSE made Bee Woo a Divine Channel, to not only Heal but also Rejuvenate my Energy with her detailed…kind, patient, compassionate reading for my Career and Finances..I was truly blessed to experience the magic Bee created through her Tarot and Oracle cards readings..Gratitude n light to U”
Pooja Grover, Lucknow, India

“I received a beautiful detailed reading from Bee. My message was spot on! I got just what I needed to hear! I adore your energy and kind spirit. I look forward to reconnecting! Thank you so very much for sharing your time and energy much appreciated <3”
Sarah Hogg, Ontario, Canada

“Thanks a lot for the wonderful reading BEE. I am grateful for the time and your motherly vibes that I get from you. You listed so patiently. You really explained so sweetly. You are very much accurate in telling about how I am feeling now and about my environment. I hope that whenever I get chance will love to have love reading from you.”
Shalini Bhardwaj, India

“I received a wonderful reading from Bee. She covered all aspects of my career and was exact on many details . Her reading is full of compassionate encouraging messages . She is an excellent reader and coach who is kind and sensitive to reader and guides them on right path. The reading went on so smoothly …and I am extremely content with her guidance.”
Aparna, India

I had a card reading with Bee and I can not even express how exactly right it was. Right down to me needing to leave the house I’m in with my ex and how my new guy is all wrong for me. All the decisions I was contemplating were laid out in the cards. The paths were clearly spelled out for me. I couldn’t believe how exactly on point it was. I have had two experiences with Bee and they were both spot on!
Jillian Medina, Murrieta, CA

“I watched the replay again.. and I realised we had so much fun in live Tarot reading session😄 The reading resonate extremely well. I really like your direct approach. You patiently clear all my doubts and made me understand the situation nicely.. you give me guidance on how should I look things in the future which I found extremely helpful. If someone is reading this consider yourself lucky to get a reading session from Bee😍 do not miss this opportunity!!! Thank you so much ❤️
Monica Ruiya, India

“I had a great reading with Bee recently. First of all, it was an amazing therapy just to have conversation to her. Secondly, she combined tarot cards and channeling message in the reading with gave the details and much value information in the interpretation. She was patient and gentle to explain the cards as well as conveyed the advice for the situation. When I asked the possibility of the outcome if it would be done differently. She went extra miles to gave it clarification. Thanks you Bee for your fantastic session. I walked out of it more lighter.”
Rachel Truong, Vietnam

“My reading with Bee was the first horse-shoe reading I had ever had, so I went into it not knowing what to expect. Within minutes I had chills – card after card my past was spelled out for me. It brought me awareness to the interconnections of my past, present and future. The reading gave me the tools to heal myself and to understand my soul on a deeper level. Those 30 minutes were life-changing and I can’t wait until my next reading.”
Monu, India