Medium Readings

Bee has an amazing connection, my half sister was adopted at birth, her biological dad came through & there was no way she would of known these details as only a couple people know. When I told my sister she knew this as she found some family on 23&me, we had heard stories about her dad but only that they were friends & never crossed the line, sure enough this was the biodad. Bee brought up a beaver as well as a moose, I live in Canada lol. My friend that passed away from cancer also came through [her personality] was super happy & very positive which was picked up on. I highly recommend Bee as she is truly connected & gifted

Michelle Lalonde, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada

You have given me several readings that were filled with accurate findings and heartfelt pangs. You are a secret that I have to share!

Susan Tucker, Ottawa, Canada

I had a reading with the New York City Medium, all the way from Australia and she was able to bring through both my grandfathers with many validating facts and events for both them, and myself! This was my first ever mediumship reading over zoom and it didn’t change anything in terms of the connection. She has a warm, gentle energy and was lovely to work with.

Caity Mac, Australia

I had a reading with Bee a few days ago and she is truly amazing. It was my very first time with anything like this and didn’t know what to expect. She was so nice and explained it all to me. She made a connection with 2 people right off the bat. The details she was able to give were so good and there was multiple points of validation for both of them. It brought some peace to my husband getting some information from his dad. I relayed the things to him and he was like yes and yes! She even described a hat he had as a child! I’m blown away with the whole experience. I got validations from my grandma and with her descriptions I knew immediately who she had with her. She was able to even explain her personality! Wonderful experience would definitely talk to her again.

Jillian M. Murrieta California

Reading February 27, 2022
I had such a lovely reading from Bee. Bee was able to connect with a friend that had not come through before for anyone and I had often wondered about. The evidence given was top notch and very specific. Bee was able to describe things that no one would know in any other way than truly connecting with him. Bee was able to capture the personality and true essence of my dear friend perfectly. I left the reading with such an immense sense of peace and joy. I would highly recommend Bee to anyone looking for an honest, respectful, and uplifting mediumship experience. It was an honor and a blessing to work with her.

Nadia Liggett, Colorado, USA

Bee has a very kind presence and makes her sitters feel welcome and at ease. She brought through a relative I had been hoping to hear from and multiple pieces of evidence that she explained in great detail until I was able to connect to the image and know exactly what my relative in spirit was trying to convey. She described their personality very well. Thank you!

Anna Rude, Colorado, USA

Thank you so much for this amazing reading. I’m happy to know both my cousin and friend are at peace. I’m telling everyone about it!! I was very impressed with how you were able to pick up names, that’s probably one of the hardest things to pick up in Mediumship and you picked up their identity perfectly! When you said his girlfriends name, Stef. You told me he said “thank you” after that. I just realize he would have been Thanking me because I have been checking in with her alot and making sure she’s okay. I just told her about this and shes so happy. Thank you for giving me this oportunity Andrea.

Dunia Dee, Toronto, Canada

I received a positively accurate reading, and it very much validated for me that our loved ones do continue to watch over us from the other side. She put me quickly at ease, explained what the process would entail, and dove right into a reading that I resonated with. Thank you for this honor!

Christina Kahn

I had a reading with Andrea and the first thing she brought up for me had me in tears. I just lost my puppy yesterday and she was able to see and feel his presence. She described him and his personality exactly. She even brought through my grandma who now has my puppy. It was nice to hear from her as well because I’ve missed her dearly. I felt more at peace knowing that she has my puppy. Thank you Andrea!

Amy Chieng, Las Vegas, NV

Have you ever watched a movie and wished with all your might that you would have a story as beautiful as it? That specific lines in a movie would be uttered to you in real life? Sounds crazy, because a movie is a movie. And for me, it was all in my head and could never be just like in the movies. All this changed when I had my session with Bee Woo. Someone who knew nothing of me, knew nothing of my story and yet, spoke words that would forever change me. She was able to connect with a soul so dear to me. I have gone back and listened to the recording and could tell the exact moment she was filled with emotion. She didn’t know who was coming through and honestly, neither did I. But she was able to accurately describe an injury who I then knew who the soul was. The emotion that hit was intense. But what she relayed to me was so much more. At first, she was asking me questions that honestly, made little sense and then, when the puzzle was piecing together, she said the lines to a movie that I have said over and over in my soul from one of the greatest movies of all times. What she didn’t know was how I wished so badly that I would have a moment in real life like in the movie. Never in a million years did I imagine it would come true. Through the mouth of a medium with a message from the love of my life, who departed. She saw things and said things that she would have no way of knowing. This only validated her gift immensely. I am forever grateful for her kind and compassionate heart to help heal. My heart was able to grieve, but from a place with love and not only loss. I highly recommend Bee Woo and thank you from the bottom of my soul. 

Janina Escobar, Florida, USA